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     At last, I have begun my 
FIRST journal entry :D   I am SUPER excited! I can't wait to fill it up with nonsense and fabulousness. The sky is rumbling outside and Sonia Sotomayor is elected as the first Hispanic Supreme Court Judge. When I write on here, some days it will be long and some days it won't be (as short as a sentence). I'm sure I'll have grammatical errors--but don't mind that. My mind is VERY spontaneous so I will write whatever comes to mind and it may not make sense ha. I will try to make it logical, just for your sake. If you can't understand it, just interpret what you think it means (like you would with an abstract painting). Also, I may post quotations, poems, essays, videos, or any other resources that I'd like to share. :)
You must know that what I write on here isn't entirely what I'd write in my own personal journal. I am going omit all of my (highlight invisible word) personal information and "(dark)" secrets. I am a very expressive person and I love expressing myself. I love sharing how I feel, what I see, and what my thoughts are. Ah. 
My summer has been really surprising for me. I traveled to three states, one of them including New York. I both had a great and grim experience there. School is an obstacle and path to my future. I had to make big decisions that were "half-sudden". I experienced bits of love and tasted the bitter tragedy of it. So much has happened to me this summer. I have changed and I will bring that with me as I move forward. I go back to College on the 22nd of August! School starts on the 24th. I have no idea what my major will be.
                                    I want to be TOO many things. Ah.

During my time in school, the past year, I forgot what education was like and what it was supposed to be and feel. I didn't realize that until I left school for the summer and traveled the three states. It's a 
                                          When people ask me what they should do, I often tell them, "I don't know. Just go with the flow and see what happens. Do what you can and do what you must."  I try not to act like I know what the hell I am talking about and that I am smarter than everybody. Though, I do like the feeling that I am smart. I am no expert in many fields and I do have experience. But, the thing is...you never know what's gonna happen. So just use what you know and do what you can and must. I am like a scientist, an explorer who is trying to study human nature, society, and life. Hence, I want to be many things. 

I am a young body with an old man inside. 

Well, my mind is blank now. I will end here :)

Thanks for reading!



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